Welcome in my home!
Easter announces
the beginning of Spring.

“Luxury is in each detail; a concentration of all that is beautiful like elegantly hand painted dishes, finely prepared flowers, or a carefully handcrafted embroidered tablecloth.”

The preparation of a festive feast and the arrival of warmer weather. Our time in countryside offers the perfect opportunity to put on our boots and take a breath of fresh air in a place where the converging scents give us a feeling of wellness. A true moment of joy and happiness best shared with family and friends.

“I am one of those who loves to entertain and I adore the unconditional beauty and sensory pleasures of all the dishes I prepare. There are never enough occasions to celebrate. I like to open my cupboards and admire the collections of plates, egg cups, cream jars, baking trays and other odd small dishes set within the larger ones.”

“The opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of being with oneanother and sharing. We reminisce around the table and at that time I enjoy to give back just as much as I receive. There is always love, passion and a lot of emotions in the air!”